In this work written by King Solomon as an elder, he questions the fragile and fleeting existence dominated by randomness and transience. He is wondering what is the use of doing good or doing wrong if the end of life is what seems to be in vain: "Smoke of smokes, everything is nothing but smoke"

Exhibited at the ERM Gallery, Paris


Water is the primary source of life for humanity and when it is scarce, the same source of existence is lacking: the poetic vision of plants and vegetables that thrive in seawater is now possible because we can use the technology of desalination of  sea water to get new water resources in large quantities.

Exhibited at EXPO MILANO 2015 Israel Pavillon

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Poem attributed to King Solomon in the 4th century BCE, which describes the romantic and passionate love between two lovers often set in a context of grapes and vineyards. Its insertion in the canon of the Bible has an allegorical meaning of a deep bond that unites the people to the Creator.

Exhibited at the National Historic Library of Turin and at the Palazzo Lodispoto Museum in Trani

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Images taken in different places of the Mediterranean Sea, to create a new visual world in which it is possible to rediscover the deep bonds and common roots that unite lands and cultures overlooking its shores.

Exhibited at the Italian Embassy in Tel Aviv and at the Museum of Cultures of the World, Milan

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Autobiographical journey inside the story and the experience of the author in search of her roots. The soap bubble brings back to a dreamlike and poetic dimension.

Exhibited at the Matalon Foundation Museum, Miano